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  • Are you surprised to know that, even in 2016, with the plethora of cloud services that can serve as an alternative to FTP (aka File Transfer Protocol), that this ancient protocol is still being widely used to transfer large files between businesses? For us, the thought of FTP conjures visions of the early days of […]

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  • Switch to Google Drive: A Free Guide

    Posted by on Thursday, August 11, 2016

    Determining the Optimal Drive Folder Structure Start with a Root Folder On a traditional file server, you’d typically see one or more volumes that behave as the “root” of one or more file shares. That’s just naturally the way file systems work- they have to start somewhere. Since Google Drive starts with the premise of […]

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  • Profound Cloud Announces New President

    Posted by on Friday, August 5, 2016

    Press release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Aug 5, 2016 Profound Cloud Announces New President New York, NY. – Profound Cloud Inc. announced today that the company’s CEO and Founder has named Jason Etter, currently Vice president, Client Services with the responsibility as President. “Since joining Profound Cloud, Jason’s contributions have been invaluable. I look forward to […]

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  • Office 365 vs Google Apps: A Free Guide

    Posted by on Friday, July 15, 2016

    A Look at Security, Privacy, and Compliance Different organizations are going to have a multitude of various security, privacy, and compliance concerns- some of which are too specific to cover in this context. Here, we’ll address some of the most frequent concerns we’ve heard expressed regarding the protection offered by Google Apps vs. Office 365. […]

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  • We are honored to announce that Profound Cloud is a 2016 MSP501 Winner! First unveiled in 2007, the 2016 edition includes a number of improvements and refinements to ensure that the annual ranking is the most complete, precise and forward-looking study available on the managed service provider market. This year’s list and study examines the business models, […]

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  • Why Profound Cloud Switched to Dialpad

    Posted by on Thursday, June 16, 2016

    With the reliance of social media and email, many organizations we work with are finding traditional phone systems less critical to their day-to-day communications. Further, more teams are working from home (or other various locations) and can’t be limited to their desk. As a result, we’re seeing a dramatic reduction in the number of physical office phones and enablement staff utilize personal devices to […]

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  • This post was contributed by Andrew Boardman of Manoverboard, a design and communications firm that focuses on socially responsible businesses and nonprofits. — While we use email for most correspondence these days, we should think of letterhead as the primary vehicle for important correspondence – documents that you want to share, print, archive, and remember. Unlike […]

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  • An Alternative to Dropbox

    Posted by on Monday, May 16, 2016

    The Dropbox Problem Since the adoption of BYOD, the movement to cloud technologies has placed today’s leaders in a very complex position. When it comes to an organizations data, there is a desire to give staff the freedom of mobile accessibility. However, in many cases, accessibility breaks some of the core security policies businesses depend on. In 2013, Dropbox reported a staggering […]

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  • Being tasked with interviewing candidates for an information technology position such as IT Manager, IT Director, or IT Support Technician at your company can present some daunting challenges, especially for an non-IT professional. Here are a few tips we can share from our experience of constructing effective interview questions that help identify well-skilled technicians who […]

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  • How to Go Google for Free

    Posted by on Tuesday, May 3, 2016

    Going Google just got a lot easier for organizations that are currently enrolled in an Enterprise Agreement (EA). To clarify, if you are a business with at least 100 people that is currently under an EA, Google is offering their Partners (like Profound Cloud) a deployment voucher to assist with the cost of migration, deployment, and change […]

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