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5 Links: Creative Uses for Dropbox

By now, chances are that you have heard of Dropbox, but here are some interesting and creative new ways we've found of putting Dropbox to use.

1. Use Dropbox to Monitor Your Computer Remotely

Setting up Dropbox to monitor your computer can be useful if you want to track the progress of a task or you want to know how your computer is being used while you are away.

2. Use Dropbox to Keep Your Passwords Synchronized and Secure

With so many accounts, it's easy to be lazy by writing passwords in plain text file, reusing passwords across sites, using very weak passwords, or even depending exclusively on security questions to get into an account because it's used rarely (e.g., biannual payments to a service)... I use Dropbox to backup my password file. The free plan has plenty of space and can be accessed and updated from multiple machines cross-platform.

3. Use Dropbox to Wirelessly Transfer Pictures and Other Files from Your Smart Phone to Another Device

The Dropbox mobile app will allow you to upload files from your mobile device to your Dropbox. Once you do, these files will automatically sync to your other computers and mobile devices.

4. Use Dropbox to Fight Crime

Ryan believes he has a lead on who stole his laptop thanks to the Dropbox filesharing program that was installed on his computer. Turns out his laptop could be just up the street from him right now.

5. Use Dropbox to Avoid Emailing Large Attachments

Dropbox designates a unique internet link to each file in your Dropbox Public folder. You can send these links to anyone by pasting them into your emails, instant messages, web pages... Any method you like.

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