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Our clients come from a spectrum of different industries.
The biggest percentage of them are in creative fields.

  • 75% of Our Clients
    Use Google Apps

  • 50% of Our Clients
    Use Macs on a Daily Basis

  • 80% of Our Clients
    are Headquartered in NYC

Success Stories

Tarisio is an Internet-based auction house dedicated to fine stringed instruments and bows. Founded in 1999 on the promise of high-quality expertise combined with the efficiency of internet bidding, the firm created an accessible way for players, collectors and members of the trade to buy fine instruments, and it quickly expanded. With offices in New York and London, it now holds up to eight auctions per year and also offers private sales.

The Challenge

Before switching to Google Apps for email and collaboration, Tarisio ran their business communications through an Exchange 2010 server located in their office’s IT closet. Microsoft Exchange presented many challenges for the company in terms of cost, reliability, and mobility. The company’s leaders approached the Profound Cloud team to develop a stable, cost-efficient email and collaboration solution that would also revolutionize the way Tarisio’s employees could collaborate and work from their multi-national locations.

Our Solution

Profound Cloud recommended implementing Google Apps as a replacement for the company’s Microsoft Exchange server. Tarisio’s leadership saw the clear advantages of the proposed solution and enlisted Profound Cloud’s team of Google Apps experts to manage and execute the transition.

The Results

A Powerful and Stable Cloud Service

Tarisio’s employees grew frustrated with the day-to-day headaches of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. The need to constantly prune Exchange mailboxes to maintain good performance along with frequent outages and email delivery issues were cited as the primary concerns. By contrast, Google Apps offers an incredibly stable, browser-based solution powered by world-class data centers- a reliability that Tarisio would be hard-pressed to equal in their own office.

Boosted Productivity for Tarisio’s Global Workforce

As a multi-national company, Tarisio had battled with providing secure and reliable mobile access to its users within the confines of Microsoft Exchange. Google Apps works universally on any operating system and from any Internet connection in the world. Collaborative capabilities such as simultaneous document editing in Google Drive and integrated chat with Google Talk allows Tarisio’s global team to stay connected despite geography.

More Cost-efficient IT

The leaders of the company recognized that the investment in their Exchange server went far beyond the cost of the hardware and software- Exchange required Tarisio to utilize third-party mail backup solutions and spam filtering, not to mention the extensive support costs of proactively maintaining and monitoring a critical e-mail server. Google Apps offers Tarisio a cost-efficient solution with an attractive monthly cost that streamlined Tarisio’s IT budget.

Metropolitan Montessori School (MMS), on New York’s Upper West Side, serves 200 children between the ages of 3 and 12 years. MMS works to instill in children the qualities of independence, intrinsic motivation, confidence and competence, and an awareness of their role and responsibility as a citizen of the world.

The Challenge

Prior to making the switch to Google Apps, MMS relied on an on-premise Microsoft Exchange email server. The system was costly to maintain and suffered several outages that impeded the productivity of faculty and staff at the school. MMS was also looking for a collaboration solution that would allow their users to work more effectively from home, without the need for complex VPN or remote access measures.

Our Solution

In their first strategic IT meeting, Profound Cloud introduced MMS to Google Apps for Education, a cloud-based email and collaboration suite, as an alternative to the ailing Microsoft Exchange environment.

The idea of eliminating expensive and cumbersome server infrastructure gained wide appeal at MMS. Profound Cloud was enlisted to manage all aspects of the changeover from Exchange to Google Apps, including data migration, end-user training, and de-commissioning of the eliminated on-premise servers.

The Results

Google Apps brought world-class stability and uptime to the school’s IT infrastructure

By leveraging Google’s world-class infrastructure, the faculty and staff at MMS can work with complete confidence that their email, contacts, calendar, and other critical business data will be available at all times. The school’s leadership can now focus their IT resources on developing ways to leverage technology to better serve their students, rather than simply keeping systems online.

MMS reduced their overhead IT expenses

It is projected that the switch from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps will save MMS between $15,000-$20,000 over the next five years in hardware, software, and adjunct services. The school is poised to realize even greater savings through more widespread adoption of Google Drive and elimination of file server infrastructure in the future.

Faculty and staff gained more effective means of collaboration and remote access

Google Apps allows the faculty and staff of Metropolitan Montessori School to access their critical data from any Internet-connected device without the need for complicated remote access solutions. The solution fits perfectly into MMS’ long term cloud-centric IT strategy, which will eventually result in elimination of most, if not all, on-premise server infrastructure.

Jennifer Brown Consulting is a workplace consulting firm specializing in building forward-thinking organizational practices that foster leadership, diversity & inclusion. Though NYC is their home base, JBC’s staff is comprised of a global team of mobile consultants, strategists, trainers, and support staff.

The Challenge: Connect the Mobile Workforce

The company’s leadership asked Profound Cloud’s certified Google Apps sales and deployment specialists to assist them in identifying ways to enable their global team to communicate and collaborate more quickly and seamlessly. From an IT management perspective, any solution would need to support JBC’s BYOD (“bring your own device”) strategy- allowing their employees to work seamlessly from a variety of devices and operating systems.

Our Solution: Google Apps

Profound Cloud identified Google Apps for Business as an ideal platform to help JBC’s team communicate and collaborate more quickly and efficiently. The solution represented a 50% cost savings over their current cloud email solution, a Hosted Microsoft Exchange offering, which offered only limited collaboration features and lackluster support for employees that prefer Macs over Windows PCs. Profound Cloud’s deployment plan included data migration to transition historical emails, contacts, and calendars, as well as advisory, training, and support to ensure the success of the project.

Instead of Skype, the JBC team now uses Google Hangouts, which is fully integrated into the organization’s email, calendar, and document sharing. Hangouts offers a major upgrade to the way that JBC’s geographically dispersed team is able to communicate. With support for chat as well as multi-participant video-conferencing, employees from all over the globe can connect in a much more engaging way than traditional conference calls.

With Google Drive, JBC’s staff can more easily share documents without the version confusion caused by back-and-forth email attachments. Real-time editing allows multiple team members to edit, review, and comment on the same document at the same time, speeding up the delivery process. Google Drive works exceptionally well regardless of each employee’s choice of OS or mobile device, also meeting JBC’s goal of supporting a successful BYOD IT strategy.

The Results

Since moving to Google Apps, JBC’s team can work more seamlessly from a variety of devices, and are not “locked in” to the Microsoft ecosystem. By being operating-system-agnostic, employees are free to choose the devices and operating system that fits their preference and job function. At the same time, JBC expects to be able to cut software licensing expenses dramatically in the future by reducing the organization’s dependence on Microsoft Office.

Most importantly, Google Apps has boosted the ease with which JBC’s employees communicate and collaborate on a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s teaming up to get a client proposal out the door more quickly or instantly sourcing ideas and feedback from colleagues across the globe, Google Apps has truly revolutionized the way they work.

  • Profound Cloud proactively anticipates our needs and helps us set IT policies and protocols that meet world class standards. Help requests are answered very promptly and professionally and their team always goes out of its way to ensure IT issues are fully addressed. Profound Cloud is a valued advisor to our firm as much as it is a key service provider.

    Global Risk Advisory Firm

    Managing Director, Global Risk Advisory Firm

  • Since we started working with Profound Cloud, my team has had nothing but positive things to say about our IT support solution … I constantly hear how much my colleagues love the help they receive.

    Emily Przybylinski

    Associate, Social Media Marketing + Technology, Jennifer Brown Consulting

  • Profound Cloud came to our rescue after years of floundering with another firm. The difference in professionalism, helpfulness and expertise was like the difference between night and day, and their methodical planning and execution was a stark contrast to the habit of only managing IT from crisis to crisis. Best of all, they enable me to run my business without having to worry about our IT.

    Ethan Ladd

    Executive Manager, Tarisio Auctions

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