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Cloud IT Live: Choosing the Best Cloud App for Your Business

Posted by on Monday, October 31, 2016

We were fortunate enough to be part of BetterCloud’s Cloud IT Live event on October 25 – 26. The discussion below covers the experiences, challenges, and best practices required when a business is considering a cloud app for your business.

Joining the discussion is:
Colin McCarthy: Associate Director IT, North America, Essence
Dave Jackson: Manager, Technical Services, Warby Parker
Matthew Anderson: IT Leader, Harry’s.

Business leaders that want to put an emphasis on digital trends face a unique challenge. On the one hand, technology is more accessible that it ever was before. Whether by force or by the evolution of today’s workforce, these leaders are asked to meet the demands of their staff to deploy tools that are available anytime, anywhere, and on any device. On the other hand, these same leaders face a completely new line of security concerns which continue to increase exponentially. Can leaders still follow IT best practices? Can cloud apps be successfully evaluated and deployed within days vs months in order to meet these needs and reduce shadow IT? We discuss below…


Questions asked:

  1. To get this conversation started, why don’t each of you take a moment to highlight one trigger or key indicator of when your organization decided to invest time and budget towards a cloud app.
  2. In your experience, what are some of the most common mistakes organizations make during the decision-making process for cloud apps?
  3. How important is it to develop a success criteria before evaluating cloud apps?
  4. Follow Up: Should this criteria be internal only, or should the vendors you’re working with have visibility into it? Why/ Why not?
  5. How would you recommend a business measure success when deploying a new cloud application?
  6. As part of your evaluation process, does the cloud present new or different security concerns?
  7. What are some advantages or disadvantages of purchasing through a reseller vs going direct?
  8. In your experience, is it better to pilot potential solutions first? If so, who and how many should be involved?
  9. Are there times when piloting is ineffective or unnecessary?

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