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The Definitive Guide to Google Drive Migrations

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Organizations that use Google Drive efficiently enjoy the ability to have users work with files anywhere, anytime, from any device, without having to rely on clunky remote access solutions or unsanctioned personal file sharing accounts to get the job done. Furthermore, Drive is an extremely cost-efficient solution, and fully integrated into the Google Apps platform, making a Drive deployment an ideal alternative to costly and cumbersome file server infrastructure.

On-premise file servers have long been a thorn in the side of IT administrators. Making a transition from traditional file servers to a cloud solution such as Drive calls for a new set of best practices. Making a straight one-to-one transition from a file server to Google Drive without considering the changes necessary to adapt to the cloud would be a grave mistake for IT leadership.

We’ve published a free report to assist IT administrators in planning a migration from traditional file servers to 100% Google Drive.

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