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Organizations struggle with productivity black-holes like version confusion and the overall lack of ability to collaborate fluidly and seamlessly.

Enterprise cloud collaboration platforms such as Google Apps boost employee productivity and enable all departments to dramatically improve the way they work together.

Google Drive

Eliminate e-mail attachment overload, version confusion, and painfully slow file servers by implementing Google Drive, part of the Google Apps for Business platform.

Drive allows for sharing and editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real-time from nearly any Internet-connected device in the world. Multiple users can even edit the same file at the same time, so projects get completed on-time.

Google Sites

Google Sites bring order to the chaos of operations manuals, handbooks, and dashboards scattered across an organization. Implement secure web-based portals for staff to collaborate and access critical resources.

Google Plus

Employees are now accustomed to social sharing at home, but when it comes to the workplace, organizations are still collaborating like it’s 1999.

Enterprises are starting to see the full value of social sharing in the workplace. Google Plus helps employees communicate and share knowledge with their peers, leading to a more connected company culture.

Google Apps Training

Having a backup regimen for your business data is probably the most important IT investment you can make. Fortunately, with our proactive backup services, it’s also the easiest. We’ll design a backup regimen that is in line with your business needs, provide the software to automate your backups, and regularly monitor to make sure that the solution we put in place is properly working.

As with all of our proactive services, our backup solutions are built on a rock-solid infrastructure hosted by our partner vendors and best practices that have proven effective time and again among our client base. All of our support is built-in to the cost of the solution, so if things need fixing, it won’t cost you a dime extra.

Proactive Monitoring

We worry when clients self-monitor their backup solution as they don’t always notice if something’s wrong. Our proactive backup solution is monitored, so if there’s a problem, you’re going to be hearing from us so that we can resolve it quickly.

Best Solution Available

We’ve used just about every backup product on the market, from the consumer-level on up to enterprise-grade backup solutions. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and we only choose the most effective solutions for our proactive services. It’s fast, scalable, secure and cost effective.

You can pay as you go

Some backup solutions are going to require you to lay out a lot of money up front for hardware or to cover their service. As is the case with all of our proactive services, it’s pay as you go.

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