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Why Profound Cloud Switched to Dialpad

Posted by on Thursday, June 16, 2016

With the reliance of social media and email, many organizations we work with are finding traditional phone systems less critical to their day-to-day communications. Further, more teams are working from home (or other various locations) and can’t be limited to their desk. As a result, we’re seeing a dramatic reduction in the number of physical office phones and enablement staff utilize personal devices to communicate with customers.

Although it’s great to let staff use their own devices, prospective and current customers still need to call your business!

So what do they dial? More so, how can this be affordable, centrally managed, and accessible on any device?  This is the same dilemma Profound Cloud faced when transitioning away from a traditional system. Here’s what we utilize today.

All of our phone calls are now made and received through Dialpad:

Designed by the same folks that created Google Voice, Dialpad is a cloud-based voice, messaging, and video solution designed to work on iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web. Dialpad is integrated with Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps for Work, Salesforce and more.

  • Each user is $15 per month (includes unlimited calling and texting in the US & Canada)
  • Company main line is included with the first user.
  • Additional Department lines are $5/month
  • Toll free numbers are an additional $5 and cost $0.02 per minute for the Dialpad account holder.

One feature I’m especially pleased with is that within the personal control center, I can see calendar, mail, and even recent documents connected to my contacts which helps make conversations all the more efficient.

All conference calls are through Uberconference:

As someone who works primarily on their laptop with earbuds, I always loathed switching to the landline to hold conference calls. Not to mention, it just felt outdated and cumbersome to be tied to my desk when my primary machines are a laptop and iPad. Uberconference (made by the folks at Dialpad) is a simple conference call system that you can dial into by web or phone.

  • FREE for unlimited calls with all main features.
  • Business version for $10 a month, when billed annually, that gives you your own local number that you never need a PIN for, outbound calling to participants, recurring conferences, international dial-ins and more.
  • Or get ALL the business features with a toll free number for $20 a month.

Every free account starts with 10 caller maximum size, UberConference Business gets you up to 100 participants per conference. Now I never have to take my earbuds out to be on a call. I just click and speak. One feature that I really like is if a client joins the call a little early, I’ll get a text message or email notifying me they’re waiting.

Even better, Uberconference integrates with Google Hangouts:

I have to say now that we’ve switched to Dialapad and Uberconference, it’s completely irrelevant where I am (home, office, traveling, etc). So long as I have my laptop, iPad, or smartphone, I can’t miss a call and free to meet anywhere.

When we’re not placing calls through Dialpad or Uberconference, we’re using Google Hangouts. Here’s a great video on what it’s like to communicate internally with Google Hangouts:

That’t it! Hope this is helpful.

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